Since 1980 the company Derakhshan Sater Pargas has given a large selection of the best-in-class solutions.

Over the years, we have developed and refined our industrial electroplating processes that use different metals and metal alloys to achieve the desired result for our customers.

Electroplating can offer a range of essential features and benefits that can improve the quality and productivity of your fabrications.


Derakhshan Sater Pargas Co. Ltd was founded in 2019 as a service unit for the coating industry and a chemical supplier. The company started its business with the confidence of its clients and with four decades of experience changing its approach to business and continuing with a new format and higher objectives.

The first move is to expand the company’s business operations alongside the industry. The Derakhshan Sater Pargas company today strives to develop a trusted and well-known brand in Iran and the Middle East, with its 40-year support in industry and commerce, offering the best quality and lowest prices in the chemical sector and, in especial, coating industry.

Our best efforts must stay in our greatest assistance for our clients.


  • Import and supply of electroplating chemicals and additives

Since its inception, the company has been committed to providing manufacturing units with competitive prices and imports. 

It should be explained that all products presented by the company itself are tested and used and placed on the market if approved.


  • Coating on metals according to ASTM and DIN standards.
  • Electroless nickel, nickel, chromium, hard nickel, tin, copper, galvanized … .
  • Specialized tin plating on cerium types such as pulleys.
  • Tin and silver-plating fittings for power boards and power plant equipment and power transmission lines.
  • Preparation of different metal surfaces by mechanical and electrochemical methods.
  • Electropolishing all kinds of stainless-steel parts and reactors for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Consulting on the commissioning and monitoring of plating units: providing specialized solutions for the production and maintenance of plating units or setting up new units on the basis of customer needs and requirements.
  • Laboratory Services: Testing of all nickel plating, cyanide and acidic galvanizing solutions, cyanide and acidic copper and so on to investigate the basic salts and base compounds of tubs, Hulll cell test to check the performance of gutters and additives for plating baths and their modification.